Cave #4

24 March 2006 – Qumran
OK, this was one of my favorite sites so far. After seeing a short movie on the Essene community, we walked through the ruins of their village and then sat across a chasm from Cave #4 (pictured). According to our tour guide, this is the cave where the entire scroll of Isaiah was found in 1947/48. What an amazing thought that for over 2,000 years the complete scroll sat undisturbed and preserved in a clay pot in that little cave. The Romans never found it, the Turks never found it and yet at the right time (at the time Israel was becoming a nation again) the Lord allowed a Beduin shepherd for find it and then quickly sell it to the United States where it was cared for and preserved until it was eventually bought back by the Israeli government. The Word of God preserved for over two millennia! The scroll that put an end to much of the criticism of the Old Testament messianic prophesies. In a little cave in the side of a hill in the middle of the desert. God is kind and wise.


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