Food part 2

23 March 2006
So this afternoon, I ate fish from the Sea of Galilee. It sounds really impressive and was actually pretty good for lake fish. That has probably been the highlight of the food adventure so far. There has been a lot of humus and vegetables (salad at all three meals) and, of course, no pork. And for the most part, I’m really liking the food.

But I have to say that I still feel a little insulated from the culture and food here. One of my favorite parts of international travel is going to the local restaurants and trying to order food in a language you don’t know and never knowing what you might get. It is part of the adventure. But that may not happen much while we are in Israel. We are traveling with a tour group and mostly eat at the hotels we are staying in. It is part of the package and is convenient but steals a little of my joy. I hope that doesn’t sound too whiny because I’m enjoying the trip, but I kind of hope Rome is a little less structured, at least as far as the food goes. More to come…


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