Garden of Gethsemane

25 March 2006
Of all the places we have seen so far, this is the one that really moved me. As we sat on the hill and looked out at the olive trees, some of which may date back to Jesus’ time, I read Matthew 26:36-56 and was moved to tears. It was easy to imagine the disciples leaning against some of those trees and falling asleep while Jesus prayed. I got choked up as I read where Jesus calls Judas his “friend” – you can’t be betrayed by an enemy but only by a friend. I was amazed at His rebuke of the disciple who cut off the guard’s ear. At any time, Jesus could have stopped the whole process by summoning 10,000 angels to defend Him but He didn’t. He knew what was coming and He willingly went there – for me and for you. Even now it is hard to write this without getting teary. It was so powerful to sit in the place where He chose to go to the cross. It will be hard to forget.


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  1. Posted by joy hennin on March 26, 2006 at 6:07 pm

    What a powerful experience, one of those times that will be etched in your heart and mind forever. I always think about Peter, who cut off the guards ear (John 18). He was so quick to try and rely on his own way. It was like this was the beginning of Peter’s journey in denying Christ, he didn’t trust Him. His true heart was starting to be revealed and Jesus’ prophecy about him came to be. God didn’t stop there, He wanted brokenness and restoration for Peter. Sometimes, we have to go down that road of seeing our ugliness (Jesus’ rebuke) to see the power of the cross and find life there. Thanks for sharing this tender moment, it led me to reflect on that scene and filled me with gratitude.


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