Hol van a ti hitetek?

22 March 2006 You have to have seen the Hungarian translation of the Jesus film to get the joke. I hope this made you laugh, Mark. The scene is where Jesus calms the storm on the sea of Galilee and then asks His disciples, “where is your faith?” The Hungarian translation (the title of the post) makes it sound really funny.

In 1996 archaeologists unearthed the remains of a fishing boat (pictured) that has been dated by construction methods to the time of Jesus. It was incredibly moving to think that our Lord sat in a similar boat and commanded the sea to be calm. It was a little eerie see a boat that old. It took the historical society a couple of years to get the wood treated in such a way that it wouldn’t just turn to dust when it was taken out of the water it was found in. Definitely a highlight so far.


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