Wailing Wall

27 March 2006
This afternoon we ended our tour of the old city at the Western or Wailing Wall. A Jewish historian explained to us that the wall itself is actually not part of the temple, but part of the wall surrounding the temple and the surrounding courtyards. It is, however, the closest point to the holy of holies that the Jews have access to and so they go there to pray.

As I stood watching the orthodox Jews pray I had a different reaction than I did my first morning in the city. Rather than wanting the Muslims to be thrown out so that the Jews could have their temple area back, I found myself thinking of John chapter 4. It is the passage where Jesus tells the woman at the well that the location at which one worships God is irrelevant since God Himself is not a localized being. He is spirit and must be worshipped in spirit and truth. Although it was neat to be able to pray at such an historical site, I found my self very thankful that God hears my prayers and accepts my worship in Kansas just as much as He does here in Jerusalem.


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