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I’m back

25 May 2006

So school is out and I’m hoping to start blogging a little more often. This started as a travel journal, but I think I’d like to turn it into something more regular. So…here we go. I’ll usually stick to my thoughts on life, but today I have something fun I recently discovered.

The picture is a screenshot of a computer program (Macintosh only) called Delicious Library. It allows you to catalog your books, movies, music and games and then track the people that you loan them out to. The really fun part is that if you connect a firewire video camera to your computer, the software turns it into a bar-code scanner so you can scan in all of your items really quickly. After you enter/scan an item in, the software looks it up on and loads all of the relevant information and a cover photo. Very cool. I still have a few books to enter, but it is really handy. The software costs $40 but was totally worth it for me. I think there are some free web-based offerings out there and I would assume there are some Windows-compatible offerings as well. But if you are a Mac person and have a bunch of stuff that you want returned when you loan them out, Delicious Library is for you. Check it out at