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10 June 2006

OK, so I have much I want to write about, some serious and some fun. I hope over the next few days to get a little of both on the blog, but for today I thought I’d try a fun one.

My friend, Chris, over at Nihilfit is right: if you are trying to keep track of more than a couple of blogs, you really need to sign up for a Bloglines account. It is free and allows you to track all of your blogs from one page (click on image for a better view). In two clicks you can see who has posted that day and who hasn’t, saving you the trouble of manually checking each blog for updates. Subscribing to blogs is fairly easy and you can even have the site add a “Subscribe with Bloglines” button in your browser bar so that when you stumble across a new blog you can add it to your list of feeds in two clicks.

The site allows you to read the posts straight from the Bloglines page or you can go to the blog itself. Bloglines doesn’t give you all of the formatting of the actual blog, but it does include any posted pictures. It is simply one of the best tools on the internet that I have seen. So sign up!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Chris Barker on August 7, 2006 at 5:52 am


    I just found your blog today. I consider it to be my find of the day by far.

    I was reading your post and was surprised you don’t use the built in RSS feature in Safari. Just wondering if you knew about it…

    Look forward to future posts.



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