Since my last post when I announced my engagement in September life has been and continues to be a series of transitions. The first of the transitions was the move to married life. Jenni and I were wed in December and have spent the last six months getting oriented to married life. Having remained single into our thirties (way into my thirties), our experience is unique among our friends. We regularly encounter extreme gratefulness to God for allowing us to finally find each other. At the same time, we regularly find ourselves butting up against our well-developed patterns of life/though that we established during our singleness. It makes for an interesting experience at times, but we are still enjoying the journey.

The second transition is the vocational one. Two weeks ago, we decided to transition off of the staff of Campus Crusade in order to work with Emmanuel House Seminary here in Manhattan, KS. We have both discovered over the last few years that shepherding others towards maturity in Christ and developing leaders for God’s work in the world are passions of ours. And while we had both been involved in those activities in our respective ministries, we felt that Emmanuel House afforded us the opportunity to work more out of our giftings and preferred work styles as we did so.

Personally, this move has been an emotional one for me. Although I sense that this move is from the Lord, it is difficult for someone like me who has a high loyalty factor to say good-bye to an organization and a family of people who have been so wonderful to me and have given me the platform to influence others for the kingdom for almost 16 years. In many ways it is another loss for me. For those of you reading this who are a part of the Crusade family, we are planning on attending Ministry Days in July in Ft. Collins and hope to catch up with many of you there.

We are excited for this next phase in life and invite you all to share it with us.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by chris on June 13, 2007 at 2:56 am

    Bon Voyage, mon ami. It sounds wonderful!


  2. Posted by The Bearded on July 4, 2007 at 5:02 pm

    This has been a heavy year of transitions for both of you. One I’m sure you’ll look back upon some day and marvel at.

    Regarding your comments on marriage…I’m likely to side with Jenni more often than not. Why? She’s a better cook. 😉

    Seriously, if I should ever be blessed with a wife, I’ll be visiting both you and Jenni for some advise on marriage in the 30s. I think you guys could start a ministry centered on that alone.

    Welcome back to the blogsphere!


  3. Posted by Anonymous on December 17, 2007 at 2:31 am

    Brent, Hansard sent me the link to your blog. I am going to start posting nasty, vulgar, anonymous comments on it.

    It was good to read about your transitions in the past year. How are things going with the seminary? I want to learn more about what you are doing. Sounds excellent.

    I too will leave supported CCC in Jan. Big move. But it’s been in the works for several months. Staying at King’s for the time being.

    How’s sex?



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