The Speedway

OK, I’ve been threatening to blog about this for quite some time and finally got the inspiration to do so. My wife and I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood filled mainly with young families or retired folks. So it always strikes me as odd when we hear some car or truck flying down our street at high speed. According to the Kansas DMV Handbook, the speed limit in non-industrial areas is 30 mph. But we regularly hear cars go by that have to be going 40 or over. So, we have jokingly taken to referring to our street as The Speedway.

At first, it was funny to us but as we get nearer to having children of our own (two weeks or so) it has started to seem more dangerous than funny. I guess we should be grateful that the city finally posted a yield sign at the intersection near our house. For the first few years we lived here there were no signs at the intersection at all. All the high-speed traffic makes me appreciate the speed bumps that I encountered driving in Mexico a little more.


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