Changing of the guard

12" PowerBook G4

This week was a momentous one for me computer-wise.  After nearly four years, I’ve retired my venerable 12″ PowerBook G4.  During its term of service it saw two full operating system releases and at least that many releases of MS Office.  It was the most rugged laptop I’ve ever owned and never failed to perform for me.  I bought it almost a year after that model came out, so the technology is almost five years old.  And yet, it took that long for it to feel like it was lagging behind or running slow.  I was actually sentimental about saying good-bye to it.  None of my Macs have ever had serious problems, but this one was the most problem-free of the seven (make that eight) so far.  It is currently listed on eBay and I hope it goes to a good home.

13" Aluminum MacBook

Its replacement is a 13″ aluminum unibody MacBook.  So far, I’m really enjoying it.  Upgrades like a fast, dual-core Intel processor, 2 Gigs of RAM, an iSight camera, superdrive, a super-bright LED widescreen display and a multi-touch trackpad are all really nice.  The unibody construction gives it a very solid feel even though it seems lighter than the old 12″ PB.  I’m sure I’ll miss the firewire port at some point, but I haven’t yet.  And I’m a little miffed that Apple won’t let the non-Pro MacBooks boot in 64-bit mode in Snow Leopard, but that’s just the nerd in me talking.  Overall, I’m very pleased with the new computer.  Still, I’m going to miss old faithful.  May it bring someone else many more years of productive use.


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