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Sweet Potato Face

Over the last few days, little Chloe has added quite a bit to her repertoire: small scoots using her feet to inch towards toys; assuming the crawling position when you lift her chest off of the floor; her first upper tooth; repeated rolling over to move across the floor (she’s fast!); but most significantly, eating baby food from a spoon.

Sweet Potato Face

We started trying to get her to eat cereal back in November and she would have none of it. Spit it out every time. A few weeks later we tried some apple sauce which went marginally better. Earlier this month we actually bought baby food for the first time. We got a little bit of every fruit and vegetable that they had and started trying them. Initially, she wasn’t sure what to do but last week she started acting more interested and began getting the whole swallowing thing down.

So far, she seems to like apples, peas, bananas (temporarily out of the rotation due to constipation issues) and especially green beans and sweet potatoes. As you can see from the photo, not all of the food makes it into her mouth and we usually find ourselves wiping her face again hours later when we discover a new patch of something under her nose. We bought a strap-on high chair today to make the feedings easier for her. It has been pretty fun watching her grow and develop in this area. I’m glad she seems to like all of the foods we’ve tried so far. And I have to say that this daddy is very proud of his little food-tasting girl.


Chloe update

This week it seems like our little girl is learning something new every day. We are practicing some pre-crawling activities for a few minutes each day and although she gets frustrated a lot, we can tell that she is learning.

We have also started putting her in her Bumbo chair (which she previously couldn’t sit in) and feeding her some baby food and some sweet potato puffs for a bit each day. It seems like she is starting to get swallowing down pretty well and even took a try at a sippy cup today. Who knows what’s next?! She also started grabbing the puffs today and tried to get them in her mouth. She averaged about one in five, but a couple got there. The rest either ended up on the floor or stuck to her sleeve, hand or face. It was pretty funny, but it was also one of those proud father moments. I was really excited for her.

As I speak, she is asleep in her crib for her early afternoon nap. It took about 15 minutes, but she put herself to sleep. So J is laying down for a bit as well. If this takes, it could usher in a whole new era of restedness for J.

Oh, and it is snowing again. 🙂