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Too much SciFi…?

It is possible that I have finally seen/read too much science fiction…or seen too much CSI:Miami…or both. I had sushi at Hy-Vee for lunch today (which is a post in and of itself – no judging please). When I finished I just naturally rounded up all my trash and started looking for a trash can.

When I couldn’t find one I realized that they wanted me to leave my trash on the table and someone would take care of it for me. The very next thought I had, as I looked at my chopsticks was, “My DNA is on those chopsticks. I’m not sure I want just anyone having access to that – especially if they ever start trying to clone people.”

I almost laughed out loud! Did I really just think that? That’s silly! It’s a good thing that there is a ton of basketball on this week. It may be time for a break. 🙂

On a related note, I just discovered It’s the official production blog for the two-part screen adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit that just began filming. Check it out. It is completely safe and I don’t think Orcs would have any use for DNA. 🙂