My little singer

Almost every parent I’ve ever talked to harbors some hope that their child will adopt at least one of their interests or passions. J and I both come from musical backgrounds so naturally we get excited any time little C shows any sort of musical interest. Watching her grow in her ability to sing has been a marvel to me. She surprised us when she started because she had all of the words to her song memorized, we had just never heard her sing. Initially, she would literally sing one note the entire song. After a few months we noticed her attempting to match the pitches that we would sing to her. About a month ago we noticed that she could get most of the melody to a given song. It is so cool to watch her develop. My hope is that her voice sounds more like her moms. 🙂

Just last week C started watching a few episodes of Little Einsteins. For those not familiar with the show, it is a standard solve-the-puzzle/help-a-friend adventure cartoon with an interesting twist. Each episode’s musical score is based on a theme from Classical music and the theme provides the clues the characters use to solve their puzzle. As a music major I love the idea.

One thing that C has picked up from me is my tendency to make up little songs about mundane daily activities. I have a fake opera voice that I use to sing about what we might have for breakfast or taking out the trash. C regularly makes up her own songs about the games she is playing or what she wants to do for the day. This is important to the story because earlier this week, she watched an episode of Little Einsteins based on Stravinsky’s The Firebird. (In college I had to take a graduate seminar on Stravinsky’s music and have been a fan of his early and some middle period compositions ever since.) Later that day, I heard C singing about something trivial but about halfway through I noticed she was using the Firebird melody for her song. I’ve heard her do it three or four times over the past few days as she has sung about various things.

It blows me away that an almost-three-year-old can have that kind of musical memory. It also makes her daddy proud. I pray that she grows up to enjoy music as much as J and I do.


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